NOTICE:  We are now open Monday through Friday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, including our
Thursday evening hours, until 8:00 pm.
The Library is open to the public again. We are not asking you to make an appointment,                                     
 but please be aware that depending on how many people are in the building already, we                                   
may need to ask you to wait until someone exits the building before coming in.
Public computer use will be limited to 30 minutes at a time.
Thank you for your cooperation.  


We will continue to offer Curbside Pickup for those that would prefer not to come into the building.                                    Please Call (315) 429-3421 to order books, and to let us know when you would like to pick up items                                     that have come in for you already. 


TALES N’ TRAVELS – Look for a new schedule in the Spring of 2021. Thank you.

MINDFUL MEDITATION – (Discontinued for now) WEDNESDAY 9:30-11:00

TASK~PLUS HOURS: (Formerly GED)  Every Thursday 6-8 or by appointment.

WRITER’S GROUP EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 1:00 PM (Discontinued for now)


We will take appointments for those who would like to browse our  “USED BOOKS AVAILABLE”  until the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Appointments will only be offered on Mondays and Fridays, in order to allow for a quarantine period in between.



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